When will the GFW fur buyer be in my area?

You can find the schedule for your area on the Fur Route Schedules page.  The routes for the upcoming season will be posted by approximately October 15.

Can I ship my fur to GFW?

Yes. Many of our customers ship their fur to us if it is stretched and dried. We do NOT accept shipped green or carcass fur. Shipping Instructions.

How does the Large Lot Marketing Program work?

If you have 350 or more raccoon, this may be an option for you.  Large Lot Marketing Program

How quickly do you pay?

If you sell directly to our buyer on the fur route, you will receive a check immediately. If you ship your fur to us, we will grade it promptly and call you with a price. If you are satisfied, we will send you a check IMMEDIATELY. If not, we will send the your goods back to you at OUR expense.

How should my pelts be prepared?

Please click on this link:  Care of Pelts.

Why is GFW always the first to react to market changes?

GFW has reps in all major fur-producing areas of the world (China, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Greece) and is in constant contact with them.

 Where can I purchase trapping supplies?

GFW does not sell trapping supplies. Please see links on our website.

Is GFW will buying fur?

GFW will buy your fur any time of the year as long as it is legal for your to have it and sell it.  Please contact your local DNR with any questions, as the rules and regulations vary by state.  State DNR Links




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