GFW Preparing for 2015-2016 Fur Season

Groenewold Fur and Wool is busy this summer actively working in promoting and developing the market for wild fur.  We actively buy, sell, grade and process wild furs in our Forreston factory 52 weeks out of the year with a  goal  to serve the U.S wild fur industry.

What we are doing?


We are aggressively selling  at the new market levels to promote the use of wild furs.


  • Investing in the mechanization of  the processing of raw wild fur to reduce handling cost
  • Processing skins with innovative methods to produce semi finished fur products which greatly assists the end user produce their products at an affordable price
  • Providing custom dressing and dying services for domestic and international end users and skin dealers
  • Providing custom cutting and manufacturing of trim
  • Stocking a ready to sell inventory of dressed wild furs
  • Developing efficient methods for processing raw beaver, coyote and raccoon


  • Attending major fur fairs thoughout the world to promote US wild furs
  • Hosting international buyers throughout the year to inspect and purchase skins
  • Providing financing for manufactures and skin dealers internationally, including financially troubled areas i.e. Russian, Ukraine and Greece
  • Providing grading and sorting courses for international students and clients
  • Visiting the major international markets of China and Russia
  • Visiting and developing relationships with the budding fur markets in S. E. Asia
  • Providing transportation expertise to reduce the cost of shipping per skin
  • Developing the U.S. market by attending industry related trade shows


  • Expanding our routes to the South East and Western parts of the U.S.(our 2015-2016 routes will be posted on our website on or about Oct. 15)
  • Increasing efficency and speed of payment for fur shipped to us (see website)
  • Expanding our services with the Large Lot Marketing Program(see website)
  • Developing options of handling, processing and maketing of wild fur for US dealers (contact us directly)
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