GFW is Getting Ready For The Start of The Fur Buying Season.

We will be posting our routes soon.  We will be covering the same area as last year with minor adjustments to the stops and times.

Fur Market

Market: The international fur market has seen the ranch mink and fox prices drop significantly at the September auctions(Copenhagen and Helsinki). There is a fur market, but at reduced prices.

1) The reduction in the ranch mink prices will result in its use and not leave much room for substitutes articles like muskrat and otter.  Also, the Chinese mink which were inventoried  for the last 2 years have fallen below what Chinese skin dealers thought was the price floor.  Many Chinese skin dealers are speculating with cheap Chinese mink and now have lost money on what they thought would be profits.

2) The reduction in the ranch fox prices will have an effect on the trimming business. With the significant price drop in ranch foxes and Chinese raccoon, the heavy American raccoon and coyote market will be affected.

3) The Russian market is waiting for a pulse from the retail sector.  Retail sales will be affected by the severity of the winter and the the willingness of the consumer to spend savings during uncertainty in Russia. The decline in the Ruble has caused the Russian skin dealers and retail garment trade to be very cautious in investing in the skins which still seem expensive for Russians because of the weak purchasing power of the Russian Ruble.  The Russian market  is important for wild furs because of its demand for specific species and a customer base which traditionally values unique fur and styles.

Wild Fur

Recently we have moved raccoon, red fox, beaver, wild mink, bobcat and fisher.  At GFW we continue to buy and sell at the market level.  During the season, we will make market adjustments as we sell or realize movement in the market.

We will offer Large Lot Marketing for raccoon and beaver for producers with 100 or more skins(green or dry). This allows the trapper/hunter to have total control of when they want to sell. Free multi-year storage is available.

We are continuing to improve the efficiency of fur that is shipped into us.  We accept all legal species of stretched and dried fur from all states. Payment for fur shipped into us will be immediate upon agreement of price.  There will be no fees or commissions deducted.