Fur Market News

Weather in the global fur marketplace.


Fur prices

Raccoon: Lack of users has left buyers in control with prices languishing at multi-year lows.
Muskrat: Reduced harvest allowed muskrats to follow ranch mink up mid-season, but have subsequently settled in price along with the mink.
Beaver: The hatter market continues to provide a floor.
Wild Mink: Very depressed item.

Coyote: Western’s are still very hot, while Eastern’s continue their slide.
Grey Fox: Better goods are respectable but everything else is very cheap.
Red Fox: Prices have found little support except for the best goods.
Skunk: Sold a few for fashion, mostly novelty usage.
Fisher: Stronger
Otter: Otter turned down with ranch mink.
Bobcats: There is demand for better sections and better colors.