Fur Sorting in Truck

Fur Sorting in Truck

Selling Stretched and Dried

  • All pelts must be scraped free of excess fat. (Raccoon, otter & beaver must be scraped perfectly clean).
  • Stretch on proper wire or wood stretchers (beaver should be stretched in an oval pattern).
  • Raccoon, grey fox, otter, muskrat, mink, opossum, and squirrel are stretched fur-side IN.
  • Red fox, coyote and fisher are stretched fur-side OUT.

Selling Green (skinned)

  • The tail bone should always be removed from all skinned raccoon.
  • Always dry animals in the carcass completely before skinning.
  • When skinning, cut from back foot to back foot. Then case out like a rabbit. (Except beaver, which is skinned up the belly).
  • Skinned fur must be sold immediately or quick-frozen.
  • Always freeze the fur FLAT, fur-side OUT, with no exposed flesh.
  • NEVER roll furs. NEVER freeze or thaw furs in plastic.
  • Thaw larger animals with heavy flesh (coyote, raccoon, beaver, badger) 5-6 hours in a cool room or until partially thawed before selling.
  • NEVER thaw so long that grease melts or skins become slimy. Keep them cold. Keep them away from sunlight.
  • Muskrats should be frozen FLAT and NOT thawed before seeing the buyer.
  • ALWAYS error on the side of selling something too frozen rather than too thawed.

Raccon CarcassesSelling in the CARCASS (Carcass fur is discounted)

  • We will NOT buy opossum or skunk in the carcass.
  • Coyote — Only FULLY FURRED coyote will have value in the carcass.
  • We will buy muskrat in the carcass, except in the northern 1/2 of Wisconsin, the UP of Michigan, and Nebraska.
  • Clean the dirt, blood and burrs from the fur.
  • Always hang carcass by rear feet in a cool, dark area, away from livestock. Livestock generate heat and bacteria.
  • If the weather is warm, freezing may be required. If frozen, thaw ONLY the feet. Please do NOT completely thaw the muskrat.

Deer Hide Care

  • Skins may be sold fresh, frozen or salted, with NO heads or legs. By law, we can not buy deer hides with head or legs.
  • FRESH means within a day or two of skinning the deer. Do NOT let the leather side dry out. Keep folded with skin side in.
  • Salted hides must have large chunks of fat removed and must be heavily salted with FINE salt. Shake hides of excess salt BEFORE arriving at the truck.
  • Frozen hides should be folded skin side in and rolled tightly. Allow to thaw only slightly before coming to the truck.
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