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Be Safe

We ask that you use extreme caution when in the field and that you use proper techniques to insure the quick taking of pelts.  For the novice, classes may be available through your local DNR.  Please contact them for more information.  State DNR Links


Market Updates

We will keep you updated as to market situations around the world via our webpage: Market Updates. This is not intended to predict prices.  However it should give the trapper / hunter an indication as to why GFW prices fluctuate.  Our price fluctuations are based on constant contact with our international offices, as well as manufacturers and brokers around the world.

Fur Routes

Our fur routes will be available on our Fur Route Schedule page after approximately October 15.

Shipping to GFW

If you live outside the coverage of our fur routes, you may still sell your stretched and dried fur to us by Shipping to GFW  You will receive your money as soon as we receive and grade your fur, and you agree to the offered price.

Care of Pelts

It is important to properly handle fur to obtain the most value for your pelts. You can find more information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Large Lot Marketing Program

This program is for large producers(with green or dry skins) who desire to sell their skins when THEY want to.  See our website or call for details re:  delivery, skin preparation, payment/storage, etc.  Last year we were successful with this program and we would like to offer it again.  Click here for more information:  Large Lot  Marketing Pogram

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