GFW wants all fur users to have the opportunity to purchase the best skins in North America, therefore we have several ways to help you obtain the skins you need within your cash flow plan.


  • We work with dressers around the world allowing us to ship your skins to them with a 30% deposit paid to GFW.  The skins can be dressed to your specification and released for your disposal as the balance is cleared.  We have been doing this for years and this arrangement has been very successful in helping customers with their available resources and in promoting wild fur around the world.

  • The above program is available for use with our own cold storage facility.

  • GFW is skilled in facilitating Letters of Credit (LC’s).  Contact our office for more information.

  • GFW provides direct financing to customers approved through COFACE. For customers requesting/requiring shipments on credit, GFW works in coordination with credit insurance provider: COFACE.  COFACE provides credit insurance with coverage in approximately 200 countries. A shipment on credit can be arranged very quickly if the customer is already approved by COFACE and is in their customer database.  A new approval can be obtained through an initial application process with proper information provided by the customer directly to COFACE, such as the company name / address, contact information and some financial information.  As with other credit, the customer, if approved will have an approved credit limit amount as designated by COFACE.  Contact Guy or Heidi for help in facilitating this process.  815-938-2381

  • We do provide some financing if you have a proven track record with our facility and cannot get approval with COFACE for political reasons.  (Note:  Some countries are not covered by COFACE because of current perceived risk in those specific regions.)

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