End of 2015-16 Season

The 2015-16 fur season is coming to an end in Forreston. This time of year we finish processing our fur and grading. We have finished scraping our beaver from our spring pickups. Beaver are normally the last fur to be processed in Forreston.
We have seen a good flow of fur being shipped to us which comes from all over the states. It is important to us for trappers to have an outlet for their fur as we see a decreasing number of local dealers.
We were satisfied with our fur routes in Maryland, Georgia, North and South Carolina. We have found great receptivity from the trappers in those regions.

Recently we have had new visitors come to inspect goods at our facility. The international buyers are looking for some goods however at reduced prices. We are looking to continue to sell goods through the summer and fall to prepare us for our next season.

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