Beaver Production — August 4, 2017

We will need a tremendous quantity of beaver for hatters purposes this fall and winter.  We are encouraging trappers of every species to consider trapping beaver if possible.  We feel passionate about this as it will curtail production of depressed items, increase production of an under-produced item, and be a profitable venture for many trappers.

Raccoon and some other wild fur articles have massive backlogs of unsold inventory and depressed  prices.  As a fur buyer it is very difficult to simply tell trappers not to trap.  However, encouraging beaver trapping at the expense of raccoon production can only help the dismal condition of the raccoon market.  A short raccoon production in the coming season will help an already bad situation.

Beaver production is below usage.  The only reason shortages have not occurred is a result of past years oversupply.  This past season saw a significant gap in production.  This next season the gap will widen and an actual shortage could occur.  It is in the best interest of trappers to not let that happen in beavers.  Hatters production relies on moderately priced beavers and a sudden forced increase will result in an ending of beaver usage for hatters.  They will simply use more cheap rabbits as hatters.  We need to protect our market share!!

Beavers may not be considered a target animal as prices may seem relatively cheap.  However, when considering the sale of castor and possibly meat it becomes a more viable venture.  A trapper may get $9.00 for a run of green beaver and average around $5.00 per beaver for castor.  Meat is often sold to fox and dog breeders for 10 to 15 cents per pound.  This results in $15+ average.  We would be happy to put you in touch with caster and meat markets.

Please consider trapping beaver this fall.  If you are out of our route area, contact us for a dealer that works with us in your area.  We can also arrange a pick-up of large lots anywhere in the country, green or dry.

We can process green beaver very cheaply in our factory.  If you figure more than $2.00 a beaver for processing, don’t do it yourself.  Beaver should never be thawed and folded only once if possible.  Also we will do custom lots of green beaver for dealers and trappers with more than 400 skins.  In this operation we would process your skins for $2.00 and give you a dry price.  If your beaver are particularly large this could be a significant advantage to you.

In addition, we are open to buy any trapper or dealer lots of beaver immediately.

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