A Furbuyer’s Suggestion to a Trapper This Season

  1. Target prime raccoon, which means starting later in the season. In North Iowa and Central Wisconsin the larger bore raccoon are prime around the 10th of November.  In Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and Central Iowa the larger raccoon should be prime just before Thanksgiving.  Trappers south of I-80 should wait to start trapping until after Thanksgiving.I know there are weather issues, a trapping right considerations, personal competition drives and “the fall itch”.  The above is just a suggestion for trappers wanting to get the most value in the animal caught.  This year is a unique year, and we just want to make that suggestion known so there are not the surprises at the trucks.
  2. Take your children.
  3. Teach the youth to trap.
  4. Challenge yourself to trap coyotes late.
  5. Open water trap later in the season or even trap under the ice to see how hard and productive this can be.
  6. Challenge yourself with unique goals to improve and even learn new techniques. Try new baits, new sets and even target animals which you have not targeted in the past years.
  7. Remember early and over prime fur this year will see drastic price reductions when marketing.

This is an important year in the US trapping and hunting of fur bearing animals. Let’s use it to our advantage to broaden the base of the sport.